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May two minute update

Posted on 30/05/2017 by Daren Riley

May two minute update

Why consider a branded client portal?

We all know that portals deliver a cheap way for clients to sign and save documents. It’s also more convenient for people who increasingly expect to do things digitally, from anywhere at any time.

They do suffer from two setbacks though, both of which we believe we’ve overcome. The first is that there is little sense of ‘ownership’ by clients. They often see portals as something firms put in place just to save themselves time and money. Secondly, they’re usually single-purpose, and so are used infrequently by clients. Clients forget password details, and may need to access more than one portal from different firms.

The Connectworks portal is different. It overcomes the issue of a lack of client ownership by also being their private vault. They can use it to securely store their will, EPA, insurance documents, scan of their passport, and much more, that they can access from anywhere at any time if required. This can be seen by clients as an added-value service provided by your firm.  

Our portal also provides clients the ability to access and sign for other entities they're involved with on our platform. So if they’re a trustee of a trust, or director of a company, they can see tasks relating to these entities and access them through the portal, as well as everything relating to them as an individual. This improves utilisation of the portal and makes it a one-stop-shop for all parties. Users are notified by email when they have documents to sign or resolutions to approve. We have the most flexible signing around and your firm can easily see outstanding client tasks. The Connectworks portal is just $5 per client, per annum.

If you're interested in finding out more, please get in touch to arrange a demonstration, or join one of the webinars listed below.
Trust Annual Reviews (Or, the 81 things you need to know about each trust you’re a trustee for)
Gifting used to be the opportunity to get the trustees together. But now that it’s disappeared for many trusts, many firms believe that a trust annual review is the best-practice way to engage with the trust and trustees and ensure compliance. And you can charge for it!

So how can Trustworks help? First, it includes a comprehensive Annual Review checklist that guides you through the 81 things you need to know about the trust and its activity. And second, there is the ability to produce a complete audit-trail of all the activity by all parties involved.  This a lot easier than asking other parties what they’ve been doing, plus there’s one version of the truth. This makes it a big head start for these reviews.
Christchurch loading person 
Due to demand from new users, we’re emulating the model we run in Auckland by retaining a Christchurch-based staff member to help firms load information and documents into our products. They will be fully trained, background-checked, and bound by a confidentiality agreement.
The Trademe ad is shown here. If you know someone in Christchurch who may be available for the role, please email us with their details. 

Please also let us know if you would be interested in this service for loading at your own firm. The rate will be $26 p/h that we on-charge at net.  
Countdown to the WorkflowMax/XPM integration
Our integrations with WorkflowMax and XPM are currently in testing and due for release in the next few weeks. In response to user demand it will be a two-way integration to update client contact between XPM and our products. There will be the ability to see and accept a change within an entity and also the facility to see all your contact details side-by-side and make bulk updates.

Collaborating with other professionals 
We've long provided professional firms with a template letter to send their clients, to advise them of the important reasons why their firm has chosen to use Trustworks or Companyworks to manage their trust or company, and to invite them in as users. We've now produced a similar letter to invite in other professional firms. It outlines why you would like your firms to collaborate in Trustworks (either full-access or to sign only) and how this can be done.

If you'd like a copy of either template, send a request to and we'll reply with the letter attached.

Join a webinar demonstration 
Email your name and the date you’d like to attend to and we’ll respond with login details.
Companyworks – Tues. 6 June @ 9.30am and Fri. 9 June @ 10.30am
Trustworks – Thurs. 8 June @ 9.30am and Tues. 13 June @ 9.30am
Portal  Fri. 2 June @ 10.30am and Wed. 7 June @ 9.30am

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