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Trustworks can help

Trustworks is a New Zealand company that has set out to resolve the major issue of non-compliant family trust administration and reduce the risks to your firm and clients.

Plus, we’re making trusts easier and more profitable for you to manage and providing a business-continuity disaster-recovery solution for all parties.

Trustworks improves trust management

Trustworks is unique in that it provides a real-time connection between you, the trust's other professional advisors, all the information to do with the trust and, importantly, the non-professional 'mum and dad' trustees.

It helps solve the issue of non-compliant trust management, due to the actions or inactions of non-professional trustees. Their role as trustees will be clearly outlined to them, they’ll have prompts and reminders, they can accept or reject resolutions and can even sign online.

Trustworks doesn’t seek to replace professional advisors or advice. In fact, Trustworks seeks to strengthen the connection with professional advisors, as trustees will share their actions and will be able to engage your assistance within the product at any point.

The easy review system means that, for the first time, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately review the trust's history and see everything trustees have or haven’t done to meet their obligations.

Trustworks will also save you time and money managing trusts. You can easily create trusts, minutes and resolutions and documents, which can be generated using your existing documents and precedents or from the comprehensive range we’ve included. Once loaded, you have the ability to find a trust, document, minutes or resolutions in seconds, and you can approve or reject resolutions and documents and sign them online. You can then share your actions and delegate tasks in seconds, with new tasks appearing in the workstreams of the other users. You’ll never waste a minute requesting documents from another party again.

As a cloud-based product, as long as you have an internet connection, you can use Trustworks to manage trusts, 24 hours a day from wherever you are.

It’s easy and intuitive to use, and there’s no hardware or software to buy or install - just log on and instantly improve the way you manage trusts.

Trustworks is dedicated to a programme of continuous improvement - being in the cloud means you’ll instantly access the latest version of the product.

As you know, the long-term retention of trust records is critical to ensure the trust can’t be overturned. No longer will you have to ask the non-professional trustees for their records, if indeed they’ve kept any. Trustworks automatically records every action.

Having trust information on paper or hard drives risks exposure to floods, fire, earthquakes and more over the life of the trust. Using Trustworks means the trust's records are stored and backed up in multiple locations with top-level security and encryption.

There’s no upfront cost for subscribing to use Trustworks, and one low-priced subscription covers all the people involved in the trust.

Trustworks will help to ensure that the trusts you manage can achieve their goals and save your firm time and money, plus reduce your risk.

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Subscribing to Trustworks

Any trust professional can subscribe to Trustworks on behalf of trusts you manage. There is no set-up cost or minimum amount of subscriptions required.

You simply subscribe on behalf of each trust and invite the other parties involved (non-professional trustees and other trust professionals) to also use Trustworks.

Trustworks subscriptions can be billed to your firm or directly to the trustees.

Please contact us to find out how easy it is to move to Trustworks.

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